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Grace is one of only 8 of her series made by Hinckley. Works of art like Grace are kept in the family and rarely show up for sale. We are honored to add her to our family and hope to live up to the challenge and responsibility of owning such a wonderful vessel.

Grace has had a rich history and we have logs from all the way back to the beginning in 1970.


Her first name was Basia and was commissioned by Seward J for his love Basia from Poland. She spent most of her life in the Mediteraean around Italy where they and her Captian spent many wonderful, well maintained years. She was salmon colored with red sails. upon the eventual death of her owners she was returned to the United states and put on the hard in New Jersey.

After many years on the hard, Basia was then lovingly restored by Bill C. and named Red Rover. She was repainted eggshell white and given many upgrades and grey canvas. She spent the next few years cruising the Chesapeak Bay.

Finally in Sept 2021 she has come down to us to be loved and to continue her restoration as "Grace". She still has her well kept original teak decks, original light birch interior and true solid teak and holly sole and custom wooden toolbox. She is now on the water at her new home in North Carolina and is actively cruising the Eastern Seaboard. You can follow our escapades here!

We love visitors and making new friends! If you would like to visit, I promise we would love to have you. Come for a long chat with good stories and good food! Perhaps we'll even go for a sail. You can drop by any time or you can email us and we'll make plans.

If you come visit us please sign the manifest and see her amazing history and original logs! If you can't come and visit please visit our blogs and continue the journey with us!!
Here is the continuation of her Journey!
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